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We are committed to providing you a fast, fresh and delicious meal.

Sandwiches are created on fresh bread delivered every morning from the best baker in North Florida, Steve Cucinella. We roast our own fresh beef, chicken, turkey, and ham, forming the basis for mouthwatering sandwich goodness. Exceptional cheeses, fresh spring mix, romaine lettuce, beautiful ripe tomato slices and special homemade sauce make it a real sandwich experience.

Salads are a well-designed symphony of the freshest and most beautiful vegetables and fruits with our very own array of salad dressings. Try one topped with our home roasted meats or homemade chicken salad for a lunch that is sure to satisfy.

Superior pasta, coupled with our homemade sauces and home roasted meats as well as fresh vegetables, will never disappoint. Add a side salad or cookie to be sure you'll make it until dinnertime.

A slice of quiche is the perfect choice, with fresh eggs, quality cheeses and 100% real cream.

If soup is on your agenda, we are ready. Every day we offer a hearty vegetable soup, plus our soup of the day.

To quench your thirst, try our freshly brewed tea and lemonade or amazing assortment of bottled sodas and juices. Water is always complimentary with your meal.

Dessert? Cookies, fruit tarts, and cinnamon rolls make the perfect ending to the perfect quick, quality lunch or just a great afternoon pick-me-up.

Recycling is important to us. Being green is a priority. Our dining area has recycling bins for cans and bottles, and most of our serve ware is made from recycled or compostable materials.